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Who we are and What we offer

James Ringland, (The Ottawa Photographer) is based out of Ottawa, Ont., but serves all of Eastern Ontario, including Stittsville, Kanata, and all of Ottawa, and the surrounding vicinity. We are of course, fully digital in our photography, but, if requested, we can still shoot film in all formats from 35mm to medium format as well as large format in 4X5 and even up to 8x10 inch negatives or transparencies.

Baby Plan

We have a limited offer (only nine babies per month) which we refer to as our Baby Plan. Basically, the way the plan works is, we will will come to your home (no need to get the baby all dressed up to go out in the cold winter), to photograph your baby four times at different points in their life for the first year. (Usually within two weeks of birth, then at 3-4 months, then again at 7-8 months and finally at 12 months, usually with their first year birthday cake - we even supply the cake). This will provide you with a record of their growth during which time they will make the most dramatic changes from a new born into their own little person. At no time in their life will there be such a drastic change in their growth. The cost of the plan (one price for all four sessions), represents a considerable savings over four individual portrait sessions. After each session, you will receive a framed 8x10 (5X5 or 5X7 on request), portrait of your choice. So that by the end of the year, you can see just how much your baby has grown.

Although we also encourage Mom and/or Dad to hold the baby for some of the shots, this is not a family session and the main focus will of course, be on the baby. Siblings can be also included for some of the photos, but again the main objective is to photograph the baby.

We will allow ample time for Mom to feed or comfort (and of course, change) the baby. We usually allocate two hours for the session but the actual photography time may only be 20 minutes or so. (The baby will tell us when we are finished). Please call us (613-601-7899) for more details.


For families, we are primarily portrait photographers. All photography is by appointment only and solely on location (in your home or a place of your choosing in the Ottawa area). We will create beautiful, timeless portraits of your family or any individual member of your family (including pets). Prior to your session, we will conduct an in home consultation to guarantee your session appointment and to discuss the purpose of the photography session and where to display the portrait in your home, etc. In addition, we will also discuss clothing options.


For grads, we will provide you with a more relaxed portrait that really captures who you are, rather than the "next" person inline with the "official school photographer". For example, if you are into sports (such as - but not limited to - hockey, soccer, baseball or football, etc.), we will include some of those items to show who you are. Perhaps you are into music, (guitar or piano, for example), we will photograph you creatively with those instruments. Depending on the session you purchase, you will have time to change outfits, adjust make-up and hair if necessary. You won't be rushed. In fact we will even photograph you in your home and then (again, depending on the alloted time of the session you have chosen), we will move to a location of your choice, if that place is meaningful to you. Sessions can run from anywhere from one hour up to four hours or more. (If you can take it for more than a few hours, I can too!) The goal of our photography session is for you to have fun and too really enjoy the experience.

Commercial Photography

We specialize in commercial photography for advertising (Web or brochures) including food and beverage for menus or decor, for example. We also can shoot any industrial or catalog projects at your place of business for annual reports or advertising purposes.